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As of 11/17/16

I am in the process of interviewing each person, before they become a District Board member. 

If you are interested in becoming a district board member, contact me at cad27da@att.net 

All district board positions are appointments of the District Administrator.


  Title   Name   Phone   Email
  General Information   General Information   (310) 897-0701     district27LL@att.net 
  District Administrator   Jimmie L. Timms   (310) 897-0701   cad27da@att.net 
  Assistant District Administrator   Nola Timms   (310) 897-0700   d27operations@att.net
  Secretary   Patty Yoshinaga   (310) 897-0709   d27patty@att.net
  Safety Officer & Training Coordinator   Mike Debelak   (310) 483-5312 mikedebelak@aol.com
Little League (Majors & Below)   Jimmie L. Timms   (310) 897-0701   cad27da@att.net 
Intermediate (50-70) / Juniors David Ramirez   (310) 704-0869 dc3boyz@gmail.com
Intermediate (50-70) / Juniors Patrick Wilson   (310) 956-6367 psrw@sbcglobal.net
Seniors Division   Nola Timms   (310) 897-0700   d27operations@att.net
  Chief Umpire (UIC)   Frank Estrada   (310) 350-1466   chiefump27@pacbell.net
  Head Scorekeeper  Wendy Straube   (310) 283-5852 mrsstraube@hotmail.com
Administrative Assistant Jackie Willett   (310) 713-9003  
Administrative Assistant Rebecca Garibay   (310) 323-5577 rebeccaphoto@yahoo.com




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